New Comics 2/18/2015

The Autumnlands #4, Ms. Marvel #12, Manifest Destiny #13, Magneto #15, Invincible #117,  Secret Identities #1,  Avengers World #17, Rocket Raccoon #8,  Squirrel Girl #2, Miles Morales #10,  Reyn #2, Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars #1.

First, the number ones.  Secret Identities was a mess.  It was mildly interesting, but a mess as far as the story went.  I just didn’t care about anybody in it and it honestly was just too much of too many different things.  I’ll comment on how I loved the fast past and compression of a comic later on, but this was a billion different things from little stereotype heroes and I didn’t get into it at all.  On the other hand, Sparks Nevada was clever and interesting but my big problem was that I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be funny.  If it WAS, then the jokes weren’t very good.  If it wasn’t, it sure was silly.  But I cared what happened, at least to Sparks.  And the cover was brilliant.

Avengers World #17 should be burned, or at least the cover should be cut up removing SECRET WARS from it.  Maybe I had to read the rest of them.  It sucked and it sucked hard.  There were a million things to like about this weeks Rocket Raccoon and Squirrel Girl.  The only thing holding them back was a mediocre Rocket cover that looked like a stock Skottie Young picture because they didn’t have anything else and a really poorly colored Squirrel Girl cover.  Ok, Tippy Toe hanging on to Iron Man’s head on the cover is cute, but the rest of the cover is unappealing in pencil’s and downright awful as far as color.

Miles Morales continues to move on as if the world isn’t ending.  Has anyone told Bendis that this shit is wrapping up?  And Reyn was actually quite good and the story MOVES and moves fast.  Bar fight to captured to slavery in the mines to rescued to ambush the pursuers to injured and set up the next quest in 22 pages.  That’s a feat.  The action is a little stiff in execution, but it’s clear and it’s an exciting fun story that isn’t wasting time in worrying about background or motive or any of that crap, it’s just diving into story, story and more story.  That’s not a bad thing.

Autumnlands through Invincible I haven’t read yet.  Will comment on them in the comments if I get to it.


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