All-New X-Men 1-15

I picked up #4 and #5 from Half Price Books and finally  have most of the start of this run.

It’s not my favorite story ever, but it’s cute and I enjoy the baby X-Peoples in modern times.  I have read other parts of this and I know they splinter and it gets a bit soap opera-ish, but this is a good start and a pretty fun comic.  Man, Cyclops is a dick.

(6-14 in comments)


3 thoughts on “All-New X-Men 1-15

  1. 6-7: Angel meets Angel. Baby-Cyke meets Mystique. She is nefarious. Wolverine is irritated. Fun books but moving at the traditional Bendis pace.

  2. 8: The Angels meet the Avengers. Confused Hulk on page 13 is priceless. Time Traveling Angel freaks out, Baby-Cyclops calms the Avengers, and Jean Grey gets scary as hell (by manipulating Angel in front of everyone and claiming control).

    9: Immonen back on art. I like Marquez, but Immonen kills it. Too much danger room, but Angel wants to see the mutant Genocide Beast was talking about. Mystique is building a team. Jean Grey can’t stay out of peoples’ heads and then all the modern X-Men show up on the door of the school.

    10-11: These are fun! Cyclops recruits for his Xavier school. The Cuckoo sisters go and. . . a mystery! It’s Angel, who likes Revolutionary Cyclops better than missing genocide Beast. Jean cries and is sad she’s acting mean and Mystique continues to get money and sully mutants’ good name. And now the Uncanny Avengers are going to arrest them!

    12: Jean Grey is out of control again (well, Scarlet Witch is there and the whole no more mutants thing), but things settle down, Baby Scott and Alex hug, and Wolverine is now taking kid x-men to fight Mystique and her allies.

  3. 13/14: These were fun as the x-kids and wolverine and kitty pryde take down some Hydra, Mystique, and others. The Avengers are impressed. Jean illusions some Phoenix and everyone thinks that’s pretty uncool.

    15: Way too cute. Guess they needed a week off before Battle of the Atom (which I remember liking)

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