Uncanny X-Men 1-11

Sister book to All-New X-Men.  All New got most of the pub and press, but this is a solid endeavor.

It’s strength and weakness is that it’s Bendis doing an 11 issue introduction.  Bendis does this type of thing well, but it drags in a couple of places.  There are some plot threads hanging out there – Magik and Dr. Strange and the Limbo/Dormammu situation.  All the families and lives of the New Mutants.  It’s hard to tell if Mystique is still scheming, what Dazzler is doing, how this will lead in to the Magneto solo title, and who is playing the long game with the Sentinels.

Most of the New Mutants are likable, but they blur together a little bit.  Too many old mutants mixed in.  Angel is completely lost here, and I’m not sure Bendis had a plan for him other than someone from the time travelers needed to revolt.

All in all, a fun start to the story – Irving and Bachalo both have unique styles that are distinct yet fitting, and Irving does an exceptional job on the demonic stories.  I’d give this run a grade of B+

On to Battle of the Atom!  I remember really liking it when I read it the first time.


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