EuCon 11/14/15

Went to Eugene Comic Con.  Difficulties in getting in:  It seemed like they started setting up for the convention at about 11:15, an hour and 15 minutes after it started.  That meant long lines, standing in those lines, getting to the front, then being told to go stand in a different line.  Very, very poorly done.

Inside was fine.  Not a ton of comic vendors, but I found some things to spend money on.

Marvel Tales 3, 6, 9.  These were all about 5 bucks.  First reprints of Amazing 6, 9, and 14 (first Lizard, Electro, and Goblin).

Amazing Spider-Man: 103, 110, 111, 126, 127, 129, 137, 145, 147, 161, 187.

Obviously the big one was 129.  The cover is beat up a bit, there’s some pencil coloring in the Punisher’s target, but the inside is surprisingly good.  A pretty good haul.  Most of the comics are 4.0 – 7.0.  The 129 is probably a 1.8 on a bad day, a 3.0 on a good day.  The inside is great, just some tearing in the cover, but it presents well.


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