New Avengers #3, James Bond #1, Deadpool #2, Star-Lord #1, Black Knight #1, Doctor Fate #6, Spider-Woman #1, The Mighty Thor #1, Reyn #10, Captain America #3, The Astonishing Ant-Man #2, Invincible #125, I Hate Fairyland #2, Extraordinary X-Men #2, Ms. Marvel #1, The Uncanny Inhumans #2, Rat Queens #13.


2 thoughts on “11/18/2015

  1. James Bond was actually bad comics. Boring story and little of interest. Star-Lord apparently is 18 again and completely forgettable feeling like Top Gun outtakes, while Black Knight was merely forgettable.

    I guess that was Reyn’s last issue? Captain America #3 was ok but was a startling tone change from the previous two issues.

  2. Deadpool #2 was a minor step up from issue 1 as the story progressed. Doctor Fate’s first arc seemingly won’t end (unless this was the end of it and Land of the Dead will be arc 2), but it’s ended for me, Spider-Woman was good enough to make me interested in the last run of it to find out more about what’s going on now, Ant-Man has a similar feel and was pretty decent also.

    Invincible was as good as Invincible always is. I Hate Fairyland was just as gut churningly awful as last issue, but so creatively visually and fantastically that it’s worth picking up issue 3.

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