Hawkeye 2, Amazing Spider-Man 4, Batman 47, Black Knight 2, Constantine 7, Deadpool 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Hercules 2, Scarlet Witch 1, Secret Wars 8, Spider-Man 2099 4, Ultimates 2, Uncanny Avengers 3, Walking Dead 149, We Stand on Guard 6.

Didn’t get Gwenpool Holiday Special, the Gwenpool scared me off.

Forgot to get Grayson 15. I think the Robin War part scared me off.

I forgot to get Star Wars Annual 1, I’ll get that next time I’m in Fake-canada.

Hawkeye is pretty strong, Batman is Batman, I don’t think it’s as great as everyone else does, but i’m not a Batman guy.  I sort of like where it’s going with Bruce and memory and Gordon’s relationship with batman and himself.  i’m not as keen on the Robin that is coming after Bruce is a fake Robin (yes, he’s fake, it should be one of the ones with history).

Black Knight 2 was much better than 1, Deadpool 3 is finally starting to get going, Hercules 2 is a fantastic comic (again) and might be the Marvel Now Hawkeye of All New All Different.  Ultimates 2 gets too outerspacey in its effort to humanize Galactus, but I see why some like it.  The Walking Dead is a marching monolith that is a testament to $3 monthly story telling.  We Stand on Guard in the end felt more about the message than about the story and I left it feeling like I just watched Michael Moore do a commercial for the ASPCA.  Of the emotions that it brought about, sadly entertainment was not included.


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