I’m late with this.  I bought a ton of stuff.  I haven’t got close to reading this and now it’s the 23rd (Merry Christmas).

All New Inhumans 2, All New X-Men 2, Amazing Spider-Man 1.1, Autumnlands 8, Deadpool 3, Descender 8, I Hate Fairyland 3, Illuminati 2, Invincible 126, Justice League 46, Mighty Thor 2, Ms. Marvel 2, Silk 2, Squdron Supreme 1, Starbrand and NightMask 1, Unbeatable Squirrel girl 3, Uncanny INhumans 3, Web Warriors 2.

Did I miss The Spire #5?  I don’t remember seeing it at the store.

I should have bought Weird World 1.  I should look to see if that’s Aaron.


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