Spider-Woman 2, King Conan – Wolves Beyond the Border 1, Patsy Walker – Hellcat 1, Extraordinary X-Men 4, Deadpool 4, Daredevil 2, Sam Wilson Captain America 4, Angela Queen of Hel 3, Amazing Spider-Man 5, Johnny Red 1&2, New Avengers 4, Venom 2, Saga 32, Peanuts 29, Moon Girl / Devil Dinosaur 2, Spire 5.

Spire continues to be great, I’m sad this is a mini-series.  I like all parts of this, story to world to art.  Peanuts is fantastic and fun.  Moon Girl turned from irritating to boring.  Saga is still good, but maybe the story is getting too big and it just takes too long to get back to characters that I want to read about.  Venom is my favorite Venom story ever.  New Avengers. . . There’s still something there that isn’t working.  I’m not interested in this team and I’m not sure there’s anything they can do about it.  I laughed at a couple of the jokes (Space Elves and such), but this would have worked much better as a serious comic or a horror comic instead of whatever it is.  Johnny Red is kind of fun and I like reading Garth Ennis write war stories.

The others I’m way, way behind on reading.


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