Last comics of the year…

Deadpool and Cable 1, All-New Wolverine 3, Squadron Supreme 2, Rat Queens 14, Howling Commandos of SHIELD 3, Dreaming Eagles 1 (Garth Ennis war story), Drax 2, Code Pru 1 (Garth Ennis horror/comedy), Carnage 3, Astonishing Ant-Man 3, Conan the Avenger 20 and 21.

Howling Commandos, Drax, and Carnage are all on my to-drop list, so they better be at least good this week.  Even average probably isn’t enough.  There were about 4 Garth Ennis books out this week (I like War Stories, but I keep missing issues because nobody orders any (there were only 2 at the store) so I’ll see if I can get caught up.  I didn’t love the last story line, but I think I missed part of it because I’ve never been affected by the Northern Ireland separatists.  And I’m back on the Conan train (even though Fred Van Lente isn’t my favorite) after last weeks King Conan adventure, which was great.


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