New comics.  Secret Wars ends!  (spoiler, the universe does NOT end).

Secret Wars 9, Extraordinary X-Men 5 (how are we on 5?  I dont’ know what happened in the first four.  Bad sign), All-New X-Men 3, All New Wolverine3, Web Warriors 3, Mighty Thor 3, Squadron Supreme 3, Silk 3, Scarlet Witch 2, Illuminati 3, Hawkeye 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 4 (another… 4?), Captain America 5, Black Knight 3, Uncanny Avengers 4, ANAD Avengers 3, Agents of Shield 1, Red Wolf 2, The Adventures of Luna the Vampire 1, Descender 9, Injection 6, Constantine 8, The Walking Dead 150, Superman American Alien 1 (free)

The two obvious must read first were Secret Wars 9 and Walking Dead 150.


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