Not sure if this is a complete list of the week or not.  Anyway, I bought about 75 old Spideys over New Years at the half off sale at Excaliber, and that’s what really counts.

Amazing Spider-Man 1.2, Deadpool 5, Paper Girls 4, Doctor Strange 4, Midnighter 8, Invincible Iron Man 5, Uncanny X-Men 1, Ultimates 3, Hulk 2, A-Force 1, The Vision 3, Spider-Man/Deadpool 1, Spider-Man 2099 5, Howard the Duck 3, Amazing Spider-Man 6.

Doc Strange is very good, Spider-Man 6 continues to be a new species of Spider-Comic, Midnighter still confuses me, Iron Man is forgettable, X-Men reads like a caricature of X-Comics, Hulk is sadly boring, Ultimates is better when it’s all about huge ideas and not about the characters, Howard stays good…

Deadpool finally made the first four issues worth it, but didn’t show the value of 3.1.  I somehow missed reading Spider-Man 1.2


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