1/27/16 New comics

I bought some stuff, good stuff I’m sure, last week as well.  I forgot to write it down and they’re all put away.

This week:  Peanuts 30, Strayer 1, Grayson 16, Old Man Logan 1, Carnage 4, Deadpool & Cable 2, Daredevil 3, Venom 3, Squirrel Girl 4, All-new Inhumans 3, Cry Havoc 1, King Conan 2, Conan the Avenger 22, dreaming Eagles 2, Saga 33, Spider-Woman 3.

Peanuts is fun, Strayer I’ll at least read for the first arc, Grayson got a little fancy for me and is back at risk of being dropped, Old Man Logan – damn, Marvel has people from all over time in the present now, and Carnage… Man, this should have been a graphic novel. The first two issues were kind of boring, but last one was wild and fun and this one just went batshit crazy.

Saga continues to be Saga and The Will is back!  (all of him).  Spider-Woman continues to be pretty good and Dreaming Eagles is a story I had no idea I wanted to read, but is great.


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