new Comics:  I missed some, I’ve dropped some, I’ve just got a huge pile:

Unread so far this week:  Howard the Duck 4, The Walking Dead 151,Amazing Forest 2, Deadpool and the Mercs for Money 001 (Stingray action figure variant), War Stories 16, Scarlet Witch 3, Replica 2&3, Amazing Spider-Man 7.

I think I read these this week, I may have bought them or been behind on buying them and finally picked them up:  Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 4, Spidey 2&3, Sam Wilson 6, Doctor Strange 4, Code Pru 2, The Spire 6, Spider-Man 1, nowhere Men 7, Deadpool and Cable 2, Daredevil 3, Venom SpaceKnight 3, King Conan 2, Johnny Red 3&4.

Squirrel Girl is awesome, Spidey is not awesome and really isn’t going anywhere, Sam Wilson is stunningly good, Doctor Strange is a story that I’m invested in and I believe Bachalo’s art fits the story, but Bachalo’s coloring keeps me at arms distance, Code Pru has me baffled as to if there’s a third issue or if its changing titles or will be part of a new title or what, The Spire is still great and I’m sad its ending, Spider-Man was great but what the hell happened to Miles’ face, Nowhere Men blurs lines with Injection to me and I need to reread the first trade, Deadpool and Cable is a good Deadpool story, Daredevil is fun, Venom is great fun and the art is amazing and I’m now an Olivetti fan, every Conan story is a good Conan story and Johnny Red proves that Garth Ennis is a genius.


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