2/17 and 2/24

I think I bought these the last two weeks.  They were upstairs in a pile.  If I listed them earlier, I bought them the previous week.  It’s possible I bought them twice as well.  It’s been a bit of chaos around here.

The Astonishing Ant-Man 5, Daredevil 4, Grayson 17, King Conan (Wolves Beyond the Border) 3, Conan the Avenger 23, Squadron Supreme 4, Peanuts 31, Web Warriors 4, Venom 4, American Monster 2, Angela Queen of Hel 4&5, Devolution 2, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 5, Snowfall 1, Saga 34, Spider-Woman 4, The Mighty Thor 4, Power Man and Iron Fist 1, Amazing Spider-Man 8&1.3, Starbrand and Nightmask 3, Karnak 2, Hercules 4, Spider-Man 2099 7, Silk 5, All-New Inhumans 4, I Hate Fairyland 5, Uncanny Inhumans 5, Carnage 5, Deadpool & Cable 3, Descender 10.

I also found an Amazing Spider-Man 316 to almost complete my run other than one of the Carnages in the 420s.

Neither Inhuman comic was very good I didn’t think.  All-New had deaths and resurrections and nobody cared.  Uncanny introduced ANOTHER stupid bar for villains and bad people and it didn’t work out.  Black Bolt has a plan for that, but it was tremendously uninteresting, especially after such great story telling in the first arc.

Ant-Man was ok, Daredevil is fun and a huge change of pace.  Squadron Supreme… umm, wasn’t killing Namor going to result in anything?  Or was the result an editorial mandate to send more people to Weird World.  I don’t remember the masses clamoring for more Weird World…  Peanuts still is fun, so is Web Warriors and Venom gets a space buddy.  American Monster is confusing and dark but something definitely clicked this issue for me a lot more than issue 1.

Angela is still unreadable, but I bought the first arc, I supported diversity because comics needs it, but I’d rather support diversity with Spider-Woman and Thor, both of which I think are great.  Which means I’m willing to give female characters a chance, I just don’t like it when a woman writes them.  Well, damn.  Ms. Marvel has a woman writer.  I wish I didn’t loathe every word Bennett puts on paper.

Karnak was surprisingly boring for being 3 months late.  It’s a bad sign when issue 2 is three months late, right?  I Hate Fairyland and Cable/Deadpool both ended, which I think was a good time for them to end.  I liked Fairyland a lot more than the C/D story.  Descender is badass, Carnage ended abruptly and requires a reread to figure out if I missed something, Hercules has a gorgeous cover, an interesting story, a compelling lead character, and a new villain that is comically irritating and awfully constructed.


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