3/9/16 New comics

Stuff from earlier that I just got:  Black Widow 1 (this was good) and Darth Vader 16 and 17 (also very good).

This week:  Vision 5 (5 already, dang.  Is King staying on this or is he going to be DC exclusive), Thor 5, Spider-Man/Deadpool 3, Spider-Man 2099 8 (how much longer can they keep this vanity project going?), Amazing Spider-man 9, Ms. Marvel 5, howard the Duck 5, Doctor Strange 6 (I’m not sure I buy that this is a new story “the last days of magic” as weren’t the previous 5 the same thing?), Red Wolf 4, Mockingbird 1, War Stories 17, Constantine 10, Descender 11.


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