3/16/16 New Comics

Were these the new comics of the week?  I hope it’s the right pile.

Web Warriors 5, Squadron Supreme 5, Spider-Woman 5, Injection 8, Scarlet Witch 4, Silk 6, Power Man and Iron Fist 2, Rat Queens 15, Devolution 3, Uncanny Inhumans 6, Ant-Man 6, All-New Inhumans 5, Clandestino 2, Starbrand and Nightmask 4.

Attention Black Mask:  If you’re not going to release any comics for 6 months, you may want to edit the first comic you do release after the layoff instead of releasing the embarrassingly bad Clandestino #2.  I was kind of on board even though I felt like EVERYTHING the label was doing was more hype than substance (ooh, edgier, this is what kids would really be like if they had super powers (never heard THAT before)), and this was a terrible, terrible comic that needed better writing, editing, art, coloring, and… it was bad.

Web Warriors got confusing but is cool, Squadron Supreme was better before Weird World and needs to get back to “WTF THEY KILLED NAMOR?” Spider-Woman is trying to be best comic this year, Injection is good, Scarlet Witch is suffering from having the same story as Doctor Strange with 1/10 the writer and a revolving artist line which worked great for one issue out of four, Silk is good still, PM and IF is fun, Rat Queens has slowed down to be the kind of thing I just need to drop (sad), Devolution is weird, Inhumans of all varieties may go the way of X-Men and Avengers for me, Ant-Man suffers from too much kid, not enough Ant-Man, Starbrand and Nightmask just isn’t that good.


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