4/6/16 New Comics

Black Panther 1, Rough Riders 1, The Mighty Zodiac 1, Grizzly Shark 1, Spider-Women 1, Johnny Red 6, Dreaming Eagles 4, The Walking Dead 153, Old Man Logan 4, The Vision 6, Black Widow 2, Midnighter 11, Spider-Man 2099 #9, Spider-Man 3, Invincible Iron Man 8, Scarlet Witch 5.

Black Panther was strangely bad, with I thought art that poorly showed action or movement, a story that was slow and boring, and characters that I just didn’t care about.  The Mighty Zodiac was worse.  Grizzly Shark was the dumbest thing ever, but enjoyable in that stupidity.

Rough Riders was great.  So was Johnny Red and Dreaming Eagles.



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