4/13/16 new comics

Web Warriors 6, Amazing Spider-Man 10, Hercules 6, Spider-Gwen 7, Red Wolf 5, Amazing Spider-Man and Silk 2, Moon Knight 1, Constantine 11, Jackpot 1, Badger 3, Autumnlands 10.

Hercules apparently ended for a new series Gods of War.  Ok.  Weird.  Spider-Gwen was forced on me as part of Spider-Women.  I’ll deal with it.  I like Amazing Spidey, Red Wolf is still good, I’m not sure I love Spider-Man and Silk, but I’m not sure I don’t, Web Warriors has been consistently good, Moon Knight was ok, but stop making me pay $5 for first issues for c-list characters, Constantine continues to be fun, Jackpot was only ok and I’m done after 1, Badger is very cool and Autumnlands rocks.


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