new comics 5/18 and 5/25

This may be all of them.  It may be some of them.  I got confused.

Spider-Man 4, Invincible 128, Ant-man 8, Deadpool, the Last Days of Magic 1, Ms. Marvel 7, Nighthawk 1, Squirrel Girl 8, Hyperion 3, DC Rebirth 1, Red Wolf 6, Spider-Man/Deadpool 5, Johnny Red 7, Spider-Woman 7,  Steve Rogers – Captain America 1, Thor 7, Karnak 4, Dreaming Eagles 5, Carnage 8, Grayson 20, Doctor Strange 8, Daredevil 7.

DC Rebirth definitely got me to buy and read some rebirth titles.  More DC, less Marvel.  I know I’m dropping Deadpool (main title), Nighthawk, Hyperion, and Ant-Man.


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