new comics 7/8/16

Strange Attractors 1,2 (my namesake is drawing it, I guess I should read it), Spider-Man 2099 12, Spider-Woman 9, Amazing Spider-Man 15, Batman 2, Sam Wilson: Captain America 11, Superman 2, The Walking Dead 156, Daredevil/Punisher 3, Green Arrow 2, Peanuts: Friends Forever 2016 Special 1, Green Lanterns 2, Dreaming Eagles 6, Invincible Iron Man 11.

Peanuts had a weird and sad story about the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm being demolished for a mall.  Spider-Man had a great ending to the arc.  Iron Man is readable because of Mary Jane.  Green Lanterns is getting better although it’s a little too Doctor Fate “Oh, this neat-o power ring, if only I could understand it…”, Green Arrow took a big step back from a good first issue, but I’ll keep up with it through the first arc and see where it goes.


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