New comics 7/20 and 7/13

Two weeks away, so  much to read.

Depth 4, The Land That Time Forgot 1, Rough Riders 4, The Vision 9, Action 959, Green Lanterns 3, The Ultimates 9, Descender 13, Spider-Man / Deadpool 7, New Superman 1, Black Widow 5, Darth Vader 23, Hellblazer Rebirth, Nightwing Rebirth, Flash 2, Manifest Destiny 21, Green Arrow 3, Power Man & Iron Fist 6, Black Hammer 1, Batman 3, Gods of War (CWII) 2, Daredevil 9, Web Warriors 9, I Hate Fairyland 7, Star Wars 21, Superman 3, Amazing Spider-Man (CWII) 2, Wonder Woman 2, Spider-Man 6, Red Team 1, Conan the Slayer 1, Detective 936.

So many things to comment on.  DeptH is great and is seemingly ignored by the masses.  Land was hampered by inconsistent art and no dinosaurs and some forced plot lines in a sub-par first issue.  Rough Riders is getting a little too weird and doesn’t have enough character in its characters to ground it.  Vision is great, Action and Superman are both compelling (how did THAT happen?), Green Lanterns is just ok, Ultimates continues to be fun and we’ll see how CW ties in with it, Descender is must read, SM/DP needs to get back on track, New Superman was one too many, Black Widow is ok, but I just don’t care about her and will drop after this run and hope Waid and Samnee pick up a title with a character that I like, Darth Vader is great, Flash is ok and I’ll read it for a bit, Manifest Destiny is a must read, Green Arrow is strangely boring with a storytelling style that keeps making me think I accidentally skipped a page, PM & IF remains a fun buddy cop story, Black Hammer has a little too much in common with Pleasant Hill but I liked it for its sadness, Batman is still fun, Gods of War was weak and I hope Herc gets back to where he was in his own series, Daredevil was one of the issues of the year, Web Warriors is crazy as crazy should be done, I Hate Fairyland walks a tightrope but is still fun, Amazing Spider-Man’s Civil War mini is actually quite good, Wonder Woman is going to be interesting for a while, Spider-Man is good, good stuff.  Bendis’ best I think.  Red Team was also fun buddy cop, Conan ended and I thought there should be more pages so that was maybe good?, Detective is interesting but strains Bat-Credulity and I wish I knew more about the team they’d assembled…


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