new comics 7/27/16

Squirrel Girl 10, Action 960, Flash 3, Ms. Marvel 9, Detective 937, Amazing Spider-Man 1.6, Thor 9, carnage 10, Venom 10, captain america 3, Nightwing 1, Wonder Woman 3, Autumnlands 12, Titans 1, Mockingbird 5.

Squirrel Girl remains cute.  Action remains good.  Flash is just ok, Ms. Marvel is actually too soap opera-y right now, Detective is fun, Damn did that ASM mini not do it for me, Thor is amazing, Carnage and Venom remain great, Captain America is fun reading, Nightwing is… readable.  Wonder Woman is good stuff, Autumnlands got really deep and really heavy, Titans is ok, Mockingbird is ok also.


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