Amazing Spider-Man #5-#9 (21)

5:  Doctor Doom:  Flash pretends to be Spidey, captured by Doom, Spider-Man rescues him and the FF shows up.

6: Lizard:  Peter in Florida, sciences the Lizard back to Connors, Jameson rips up the ‘fake’ pictures, Liz Allen is in love with Spidey.

7: Vulture:  Vulture escapes, Spider-Man finds him, they fight and trash the bugle, Spidey’s science doesn’t stop him so he webs him and makes a web-chute and wins.  Pete gets closer to Betty.

8: Living Brain:  Pete and Flash box!  Pete wins.  Living Brain goes on a rampage, Spidey stops it.  Pete accuses Flash of being Spider-Man.  Terrrible Torch backup story where both characters look like 4 year olds.

9: Electro:  Defeated with a hose.  (Science?)  Betty and Pete get closer, Aunt May is in hospital and needs surgery.

An interesting mix of winning with punching and winning with science.



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