Untold Tales of Spider-Man #4-#9

#4) The Spacemen aren’t heroes.  Spidey proves Jameson wrong and Jameson hates him more.

#5) Spidey foils the Vulture.

#6) Spidey helps Torch solve puzzles to foil The Wizard.

#7) Jason and Sally try to reveal Spidey’s identity but he makes them heroes vs. Electro and a mind controlling dentist.

#8) Headsman and The Enforcers fail against Spider-Man.  It seems that Norman Osborne is behind this in a desire to be superior to Spider-Man.  Betty is still missing.

#9) Connors is in the city, Pete kills two birds with one stone and hooks up Connors and Batwing to try to help Batwing get cured.  Tiny is still being abused by his dad.  Betty is still missing.



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