Amazing Spider-Man #3 and #4, Strange Tales Annual #2

First Doc Ock.  Impressed by the characterization of Ock.  It’s amazing that his character remained true for 50 years.  Same for Sandman in 4, although not nearly to the same degree.  A little more of ‘fun’ Spider-Man.

Strange Tales Annual:  First two pages, Spidey is framed!  Next seven pages, Spidey fights Torch to convince him he’s innocent.  Last few pages, they catch the Fox using mostly Spider-Sense.  I’d actually never read this comic and it was nice to see the first time Johnny and Pete became friends.


Amazing Spider-Man #2

Two stories:   The Vulture (defeated with anti-magnetic inverter of some sort) and an alien invasion (The Tinkerer) defeated with good old fashioned fisticuffs.

Peter sells pictures to Jameson and pays the rent for a year!

I’d forgotten how crazy these original stories were.  They imply a lot of Spidey adventures that haven’t been shown (when Spider-Man taunts the aliens that others had tried to pileon him and beat him with force of numbers), so maybe there really is a place for the upcoming Untold Tales comics.  I’ve read them but don’t really remember them so we’ll see.  I usually like Busiek.

Learning to Crawl 1.2

This was where I started having Learning to Crawl issues.  I didn’t like the cover (I tend not to like Ross Spider-Man covers), mostly due to the color.  The story itself of Clash seemed forced and needy.  The principal and counselor at the school didn’t feel like real characters, and I guess it felt more like a Spider-Man fanfic story than a real Spider-Man story, which is always the danger with these kinds of things.

Amazing Fantasy 15

I’m not going to analyze this, but the Spider-Man story still holds up.  It’s definitely hokey in a Leave it to Beaver way, but I still think it’s a great story.  The last story about the Martians is a classic also.  The Mummy and the Bell Ringer are also both fine.

Now having a Marvel Unlimited account, reading this really got me excited about Spider-Man.