Amazing Spider-Man #23, Untold Tales of Spider-Man #25

Amazing 23:  Frederick Foswell is out of jail and back reporting for the bugle.  He has a story that puts Lucky Lobo and his whole gang away.  Lobo was conned by the Goblin who wanted Lobo’s gang for himself, but was foiled when they all were arrested.  Pete has a feeling bad things are going to happen (and is worried that Betty got a letter from Ned and didn’t bring it up to him).

Untold 25:  Spidey visits ESU.  Of course the Green Goblin and Crime Master are there.  Fighting happens, everyone gets away, Spidey gets blamed by JJJ.  It was a fine 25 issue run.

Now on to a string of all Amazing Spider-Man with few interruptions until we get to Marvel Team-Up.


Amazing Spider-Man #22, Untold Tales of Spider-Man #24 (65)

Amazing 22:  Old school goofy.  Princess Python.  Is the Circus of Evil or whatever they’re called a stupid stupid villain?  Yep.  Are they better without the Ringmaster?  Well, maybe?  Does them firing the Ringmaster and being led by a unicycling clown robbing JJJ’s art gallery make it all better?  Sadly, no.  But Betty and Pete are back going strong (now that Ned is overseas), but this was pretty mediocre.

Untold 24:  Batwing is on the loose back in NY, but mom  accepting him finally cures him.  Happy ending.  In the other story, Flash and Liz track down the Spidey impersonator and (no surprise) it’s Jason, who crumbles and still blames himself for Sally’s death.  Kind of a happy ending, one last issue (featuring the Green Goblin) for a Jason and Tiny resolution.

Amazing Spider-Man #21, Untold Tales of Spider-Man 1996

Amazing 21:  Beetle.  Torch.  Doris.  Spidey and Torch kinda fight again, which has been old since forever.  Another fun issue, I kind of like this beetle.

Untold Annual ’96:  To get back at the Torch, Spider-Man asks Susan Storm on a date.  To get revenge, Johnny tells Namor that Susan’s been kidnapped.  Fighting ensues.  It’s a cute issue.  More bad guy pages in the back.

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #23, Amazing Spider-Man Annual ’97

Untold 23:  I like these comics that are part of a larger arc that are a complete story all in one.  The Crime Master kidnaps a brilliant doctor/inventor and uses his invention to rob banks while keeping the doctor’s daughter hostage.  Spider-Man saves the day, Betty’s mom gets moved upstate to get top treatment, and someone still is running around pretending to be Spider-Man using Flash’s stolen suit.

Annual ’97:  Sundown is a plant guy that gets plant like light absorption powers and stops beating up every superhero in NY when the neighbor girl tries to talk to him and he hurts her.  The villain pages in the back were kind of cool to remember a little better the bad guys that had appeared in this comic.

Amazing Spider-man #18, Untold Tales of Spider-Man #22

Amazing 18:  Spidey runs and hides from the Sandman because he doesn’t want to get hurt when he has to take care of Aunt May.  Flash impersonates Spidey and gets beat up but stops 3 car thieves.  Pete is ready to give up on Spider-Man and be normal to take care of May, but then she gets better and gives him a pep-talk about how Parkers don’t quit or give up.  And Pete is determined.  Spidey is back!

Untold #22:  Concurrent with Amazing 18.  It was fun – Flash asked for Spidey’s autograph.  I really don’t know anything about Marvel’s Scarecrow, except that he’s not as terrible as DC’s and I don’t know how an escape artist controls birds.  Anyway, Peter is back Happy, Spider-Man is back, and that bodes poorly for JJJ.  Almost done with this Untold Tales run and it’s been solid.

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #19,20,21, Amazing Spider-Man #17

Untold 19:  Doc Ock immediately breaks out of prison then ends up in Forest Hills, where Peter lives and is covering the block party.  Spider-Man saves the day.  Again.  Fun issue.

Amazing 17:  Fantastic issue with the Torch, Green Goblin, all of Pete’s friends, more Betty Brant drama…  and in the end, everyone turns on Spider-Man because he flees the scene when he hears Aunt May had a heart attack.

Untold 20:  Vulture convinces Jason to not commit suicide… but to hate Spider-Man instead.  He is ready to kill Kingpin (pre-Kingpin appearance in Amazing), but Spider-Man stops him and Adrian turns himself it, not wanting to be a hired killer.

Untold 21:  The fake mutant Menace threatens downtown Manhattan.  Spidey teams up with the X-Men to stop him, while Liz is starting to doubt her crush on Pete because he’s not around enough and he ditched her again.  Pete is deciding to quit being Spider-Man and we’ll see that in Amazing #18 next issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #16, Untold Tales of Spider-Man #18 (50)

Amazing 16:  A fun story with Daredevil, going to the circus and fighting the Ringmaster.  Is the Ringmaster a stupid criminal?  Yep.  But he really is a ’60s crime boss and the story was fun.

Untold Tales 18:  The goblin was behind what was going on with the Headsman.  The Headsman was defeated by the Goblin when it looked like he was going to beat Spidey, so it seems Norman made a pretty big mistake here.