3D Villains – Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin 23.1 – Two Face

Cover: 3 – The coin really doesn’t do anything, Two Face looks dumb (he almost always does), and the Batman in the background looks like a dummy with legs made out of sacks of potatoes.

Story: 4 – I tried to get excited about this story, but it really rang hollow with me.  I got what he was trying to do, but it really made Two Face into an invulnerable Rambo who really needed a change purse.  I wanted to like it but my re-reading of it left me not caring at all about what Two Face does in Forever Evil.

Batman and Robin 23.2 – Court of Owls

Cover: 10 – Creepy and eerie and a perfect use of the 3D with the static image of the family photo.  I’m curious if the cover was a callback to the Batman and Robin issue where they were getting the Bat-Family portrait.  There’s even a shadow of a dog in the background.  One of my favorite covers of the year.

Story: 10 – I actually liked this better than the Court of Owls storyline as well as Talon.  It’s portrayal of the Owls through time was a brilliant decision and played into Forever Evil in a way that seemed to make a lot more sense than the Arkham stories.  Every mini-story was good, but the last one with the psychotic little girl was pure genius and made me want to read more.  Maybe the best of Villains’ Month.


More to come tomorrow.


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